New Native American Landscape Art

Check out the latest story from The Northbrook Tower, March 26, 2015, by Liz Bibb, Assistant Editor, entitled “Downes returns with new art” about Dennis Downes art exhibition along with his presentation of new and old art featuring Native American landscape as well as other fine pieces of art.

The Tower, Grove 2015

American Indian Mapping

Attached is an article in the February 2014 Anishinaabe News by Grace Chaillier about a presentation Dennis Downes made at The Marquette Regional History Center in Marquette about his travels and three decade efforts to track and identify Native American trail marker trees.


Orkney Island

Photos 31-33_003

Dennis Downes at Orkney’s Island, Scotland observing a Dwarfie Stane 5000 year old tomb cut from one solid stone during his 1999 research trip.

Rich King Chicago Photos

Photos 7-9 Rich King_002

Photo of Rich King and author Dennis Downes observing a Indian trail tree marker before they did their most recent WGN interview.

This is a beautiful picture of a remarkable bent tree during the winter season in Chicago.



Photos 7-9 Rich King_003This is a picture of Dennis & Rich King in front of the Captain George Wellington Streeter statue in Streeterville that was made by Dennis Downes.

Travis Freeman Interview

Interview with Travis Freeman on Fox News about the “23 Blast” movie and the real life blind football player who inspired the movie.  During the interview, in one of the clips from the movie,  you can see one of Dennis Downes’ pieces of artwork in the background.

“23 Blast” is the latest movie by Emmy Award winning producer Gary Donatelli and Director Dylan Baker.


WGN Interview

Dennis Downes will be doing an interview on WGN with the director of “23 Blast” tomorrow.  So make sure to make some time to check out the interview.

Dennis Downes in Award Winning Movie

That is right folks.  Dennis Downes makes his motion picture debut in the film 23 Blast which will be coming out later this year.  Not only does Dennis appear in the movie but so does his art work.

23 Blast is a movie based on the real life story of a football player who goes blind and learns to play football blind.  Dennis makes a brief appearance in the movie and his art work appears in the movie.

You can also watch the movie trailer for the movie and find his painting at the 39 second mark of the video below.

Dennis was proud to be part of such an inspirational project.